Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Past two weeks

Past two weeks weren't great. The first week I missed my goal of 225 minutes. I only completed 134. I also learnt that no matter how firm you think your mattress is, it's never a good idea to do abs workout in a bed.

First week minutes - Hill walking, Abs, Kickboxing and Biking. I finally brought out my bike for the season...and discovered there's a problem with the breaks. I essentially ended up riding like 4 miles with breaks touching the tires, which made it really heavy. May be I am just in a bad shape.

Second week I did finish my goal (Thank God!) of 225 minutes. It included Hill walking of course. But I get super bored with doing as the video instructor says, whether it's kickboxing or something else. So this week I basically memorized all the steps, put on the music of my choice and did kickboxing. It's a little weird. Oh well.

This week has started off nicely. I went for my first run of the season and it feels great! I am SO glad spring is finally here.