Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I must admit, I haven't been doing too much exercise in past couple of weeks. I had a big workshop coming up and that took all my free time. In fact significant exercise minutes were made of running between gates at airports. I missed goals for two weeks consecutively. I still managed to do some kickboxing, aerobics, and abs, but not too much. It didn't help that it was continuously raining for a few days in New England.

Then last week, it was sunny! I managed to go running, which was a great feeling. Then last weekend, I invited a bunch of people and we made a community vegetable plot in my backyard. Digging, running, cleaning soil - I count all of them as good exercise. It's pretty awesome to spend an entire day outdoors in gorgeous sunshine. I now have planted fenugreek, mustard, and spinach.

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