Saturday, September 5, 2009

10 miles on the rail trail

Today we did our first 10 mile run on the Bruce Freeman rail trail. We went all the way to the Westford end of the trail. It was filled with bikers and runners of all kinds today and felt like some huge fun community exercise day. Two little kids even had a lemonade stand along the trail. I was a little annoyed though by bikers whizzing past me without announcing themselves.

The time on the first half of our run wasn't so good, but on the second half it was not worse than our regular weekday run, which I thought was reassuring in terms of being able to do that after already having run 5 miles. This time I took water and granola with me, which helped a lot, but I may have to find a better energy substitute. At the end of this I could barely feel that I was alive, but it was a good feeling overall.

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